Cold Starters that is delectable beyond you expectations, it boast flavors that will explode your mouth into a whole new universe, Ideal for functions

Lebanese Food variety that is served hot, All of these flavors have been carefully selected to just blow your mind

Delicious pastries and baked Lebanese food cooked to perfection to give you the ultimate fresh homemade flavours

Some Soup to warm your soul

Sambousek Cheese Deep-fried Lebanese pastry filled with feta cheese Contains milk, wheat and gluten Sambousek Lamb Deep-fried Lebanese pastry filled with minced lamb and pine kernels Contains milk, wheat, gluten and nuts* Fatayer B&rsq

Fresh From The Garden, Fresh ingredients that is filled with flavor

Sea Bass Fresh seasoned sea bass, deep fried or grilled, served with tahine sauce (tarator) Contains fish and sesame King Prawns Fresh king prawns, grilled or sautéed, served with the chef’s special spicy sauce Contains crus

Sayadieh Seasoned fresh cod, deep fried or grilled, served with tahine sauce (tarator) Contains fish, nuts, soya and sesame Lahem Meshwi Charcoal-grilled tender cubes of specially prepared lamb Shish Taouk Charcoal-grilled skewers of

Roast Lamb Braised chank of lamb marinated in special herbs and spices, served with seasoned rice Contains wheat, gluten, mustard, egg, milk, soya, celery and nuts* Roast Chicken Roast chicken marinated in garlic, lemon and special spice

Ossmallieh Baked vermicelli with cream cheese, topped with rosewater syrup, sprinkled with pistachios Contains wheat, gluten, milk and nuts* Knefeh Cream cheese topped with semolina served with syrup Contains wheat, gluten and milk Bak

Business Lunch Platter (maximum one person) A mixed selection of six starters with a choice of the dish of the day, mixed shawarma or two skewers of mixed grill Set Menu for Two (maximum two people) Hommos, moutabal, tabbouleh, falafel, so